About Us

Who We Are

Universal Media Group is the corporate identity of the Universal Expositions Group of companies, established in 1988, to professionalise trade-fairs, a nascent segment at the time. Since our early years, the company has led the way by developing the genre with its industry-specific focussed trade-fairs. Our extensive interaction with trade associations and professional bodies has translated into qualitative and quantifiable growth for exhibitors. Since 1999, Universal Expositions (as the company was then) has developed into a complete business solutions provider, offering 360 degree business solutions within the interiors + design space

What We Do

Universal Media Group (UMG) comprises six independent companies that offer services catering to specific business needs. Together, these form comprehensive solutions to companies whether they are seeking to accelerate growth, increase visibility, sculpt a corporate identity or garner information about a specific market. This is done through UMG’s many business platforms ranging from trade fairs and print + online media to bespoke events and design + intelligence services.

We Believe

  • UMG believes in people. We believe that happy, healthy individuals make for an efficient profit machine.
  • UMG believes in integrity both of action and of the driving thought; leading to hard work, focus, efficiency and professionalism.
  • UMG believes in social responsibility, community and our heritage and champions each of these at both the personal and the corporate levels.
  • The company supports green initiatives, selecting vendors and partners based on both social responsibility and parameters of eco-sustainability and decision-making that supports these ideals.

Our Team

UMG is a professional, ethical facilitator of serious business, and the partner of choice for local and international organisations, to service their information and consulting needs and provide comprehensive business solutions.
As citizens of the community, UMG wishes to engender change and improvement and sow the seeds of ethical practice wherever we work, through the way we do business.